Work wear – what works?

Ever wondered why it takes more time to select your outfit than wearing it. Are you an anti – all grey wardrobe for work, like me? Being a Taurus, I like to dress up – but then, it needs to be occasion appropriate. What works in her work area might not work in yours. So how do you play smart and sophisticated?

There have been a sudden spike in content on internet for capsule dressing, which is something we have been doing for long. For those who are not ready to splurge on outfits/high-end brands, only to let go those fabrics into recycle, here is the key term – personal style statement. Your style makes you. So be confident and wear what you think is the most appropriate at any given time.

Some tips that I have followed and learnt throughout these years in IT departments –

  1. Black works always doesnt it? LBD/Black suit
  2. Florals are for springs?? Are they – I mix floral top with plain trousers, or plain top + trouser with floral flats
  3. Hair woes during work – I tend to make a smooth bun at the back – but I do have very long hair.. 🙂
  4. Make sure you have lip balm, eye pencil, hand moisturizer, small comb and extra clips in your bag.
  5. It goes without saying – keep work makeup subtle.

Will try to get snap snap snappy in the posts to come.


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