Oily/Acne Prone Skin – Products that actually work

Hello folks, this is one of the most searched topics today on net. I have had pimples when I was in college and I have also had (adult) pimples after pregnancy. After much research and skin damage caused by harnful chemicals used in OTC creams/lotions, I finally got a set of products I could rely on for my daily skin rituals. Here are these, I swear would work on oily/acne-prone skin for starters.

Let me elaborate on my skin type. I have combination skin. Very oily at the cheeks surprisingly. I get seasonal pimples – by that I mean mostly 5 days before the cycle, almost every month. They come mostly on cheeks and sometimes on skin surrounding the lips. By using these products I have controlled the appearance and frequency of getting a new one to a great extent.

One key rule – experiment with products one at a time. Please do not use multiple new products on your skin otherwise you will not know what works and what makes things worse.


Face Wash – I have tried lot of face wash in the past – what I have found best is Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser – does what it says. Gentle, no harmful chemicals and removes excess oil and dirt. Use it 3 times a day to see the impact.

Moisturizer – I love 2 products and I use both of them – after face wash, I use Neutrogena oil free moisture with sunscreen as a base layer. this gives a boost to my skin and doesnt have any worse impact on acne. The other moisturizer that I use – Clean&Clear dual action moisturizer, but this I mix with Garnier BB Cream to make a tinted kinda moisturizer.

Concealer – I definitely am in love with Bourjois healthy mix concealer. It is not flaky – most concealers are seen to be flaky. Its on budget and does the job.

Acne Cream – And finally if you do get acne, I would recommend using – Neutrogena On-the-Spot Acne treatment. It doesnt burn the skin like others. Use On-Spot treatments not more than 2 times a day otherwise the skin around acne can get dry and might result in blemish later on. If I compare other On Spot treatment I found this more gentle. The worst I found was Clearsil On Spot treatment. It almost burnt my skin! But we all learn, based on our skin types.


Give it time. Things are not always the same. I know I do not want to see my pictures which have pimples all over my cheeks, but then, learn and move on. Do not lose your confidence. Instead build confidence by channelizing your energy in things that make you happy. I have been there, done that. Cheers.


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